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Newfoundland in its entirety is impossible to experience in one trip, so it’s best to instead focus on one area and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Eastern Newfoundland’s rich history, culture and scenery have plenty to see and do in the span of a week or two, so pack your bags (and your jacket) and set off for the youngest and most colorful province in Canada!


The Best Time to Visit Eastern Newfoundland

The simple answer? Summer. While it’s usually easy to reason that off-season might be fairly less expensive and attract less tourists, there’s really no better time to see this Canadian island than in the summer months from June to August.

Visiting in the summer gives you the chance to see the best that Newfoundland has to offer: lively festivals, wildlife watching of puffins and whales, colorful scenery and pastel wildflowers. The eastern coast is also known for a belt of massive icebergs known as Iceberg Alley, best viewed in May and June.



Standard US/Canadian airlines like Delta and Air Canada fly into St. John’s international airport on a regular basis; I’ve found Kayak’s comparison site to have the cheapest prices on round-trip airfare.

Since you can expect a relatively long flight (depending on where you’re departing from) and at least one or two layovers, take advantage of them! Toronto and Vancouver are the most common stops before heading to St. John’s — use this time to explore two of Canada’s largest and most diverse cities before setting off for Newfoundland! Oftentimes, longer layovers offer cheaper airfare as well.


Climate in Eastern Newfoundland

Average summer temperatures hover around a mild 60˚F (16˚C) but can reach the low 70’s, while winters are much colder at freezing or below freezing temperatures! The general weather changes drastically during any given day, week, or season, so “expect the unexpected” and be prepared for unexpected fog or showers!

While no weather is really predictable in Newfoundland, there is typically a bit of rainfall in fall and spring months with plenty of snow in winter. Summer months  — from late June through August — are pleasant, but can be chilly in the evenings so always pack warm layers.